Plan to Fail… Emergency Preparedness Presentation at WWP

FM360 is excited to present Thursday afternoon at IFMA’s World Workplace. With so much focus on headline scenarios like active shooter, most organizations are not prepared for the more common events, such as power anomalies and HVAC failures; which can have a significant impact on productivity, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line.  In this session, […]

Digging Out of Deferred Maintenance

As found in IFMA’s FMJ May/June 2016 Excitedly, the facility industry continues to mature, advancing our stature within our respective organizations.  However, one key anchor impeding that progress is the aging infrastructure that exists in many of our facilities and the subsequent reactive maintenance it creates.  This reactive firefighting is a drain of valuable personnel […]

Capital Replacement Planning

Below are a number of resources related to Capital Replacement Planning, including PowerPoint slide deck and articles.  Please contact FM360 if you have any questions. Capital Replacement Program Presentation Slide Deck BOMA Life Expectancy Table No More Firefighting – Planning for Success with a Capital Replacement Program Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail – The […]

The 411 on TeleWorking (Part 2) – How…

My first exposure to an organization fully embracing remote working options was Sun Microsystems in 2001.  Sun Microsystems had just completed a study that revealed on any given business day 25% of their staff was out of the office sick, traveling, or on vacation.  That meant that 25% of their real estate, in the expensive […]

Workspace Survey

Keeping occupants safe & productive are two of a Facility Department’s primary duties.  The below survey will provide valuable information regarding how customers feel about their workspace and functionality. (Moved Survey template to FM360’s Online Portal, which is available to FM360’s Road Warrior and Fast Track Program members.) Provided by John Rimer, CFM of FM360 […]

Building Survey

Recommend conducting survey annually to a variety of stakeholders, including guests/visitors. (Moved Survey template to FM360’s Online Portal, which is available to FM360’s Road Warrior and Fast Track Program members.) Survey provided by John Rimer, CFM of FM360 Consulting and Facility University  

Make a Negative a Positive – Using Failures to Gain Support

No, I’m not trying to teach you any “fuzzy math”; rather I want to talk about failures – yes, those things that blew up on us that we would rather forget. How many of you enjoy getting phone calls from the company president complaining that their office is hot?  Or how about the breaker that […]

No More Firefighting – Planning for Success with a Capital Replacement Program

  Published in the July/August 2014 issue of IFMA’s Facility Management Journal (FMJ), this article discusses the need for a Capital Replacement Program and provides simple steps on how to implement one.  Follow this link to read more: No More Firefighting Sign-up for the FM360 Newsletter…  

The Need for Capital Renewal Planning by Scott Leadbetter, CFM

Other than its employees, a corporation’s facilities are its most costly asset. In our roles as facility managers, we are constantly faced with how we can extend the life of this aging infrastructure.  Taking its toll is the deferred and/or insufficient preventative maintenance processes, which accelerates the systems’ deterioration.  Combine that with not being able […]

Facilities Department Not a Profit Center – But Can It Be???

If you have been in the facility industry long enough, you have likely heard on numerous occasions “the Facilities Department is not a profit center”, “facilities is a necessary evil”, “you are just overhead”, and many other doozies. While the facilities department does not necessarily manufacture the widgets or process the transactions of our respective […]