Facility Management Training & Education

FM360 offers a number of facility industry related training, including online training, customized classes, and credentialing courses.

Customized Training & Team Development

FM360 can develop and tailor on-site and online training that aligns with the needs and objectives of your organization.
FM360’s John Rimer is an IFMA Qualified Instructor and BOC approved trainer.

What others are saying

I am impressed with John’s understanding of the industry and his passion for being on the cutting edge of new and better processes.
Presents the information in such a way that his audience is engaged and learning at all times.
Clearly has the expertise from experience in real life to benefit all of his students.
Insights to this trade and the concepts he teaches are extremely valuable for any facility manager
Industry knowledge is well displayed in his training class.  He shows not just technical expertise but hands on skills he has to the many facets of what facility management requires.
I would recommend John to anyone, whether advanced in their FM career or just beginning, as a qualified instructor or mentor who can help them advance their FM knowledge and practices.
One of the greatest values I received is real life examples.
Helped us all better understand Facility Management
Thorough knowledge of the subject matter and real-world examples showed how to put the text book theories into practical applications.   Mr. Rimer is an excellent trainer.
Command of the subject matter.  He makes the learning relevant.
Was able to bring real life examples into the modules in order to make mundane subjects come to life.
Demonstrated a diverse knowledge of the subject matter… an excellent ability to engage students, hold their attention, and facilitate productive dialog between the students that enriched everyone’s learning experience.