Critical Environments Consulting

Data Center 1-facility-management-consulting-consultant-cmms-facilities-training-education-ifma-fm360-rimerIn today’s technological age, most facility managers have in their care at least one critical environment, if not many.  These spaces, whether a network room, data center, or lab, require specialized systems, maintenance, and practices that mitigate risks and minimize downtime and productivity impacts.

FM360 has a decade of experience supporting and managing critical environments with companies, such as Microsoft, Charles Schwab, and JP Morgan Chase.  Whether a small server room or millions of square feet of raised floor, FM360 can help assess and improve your critical environments program.  Core areas include:

  • Overall CE Program
  • Incident Management
  • Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity
  • Operations & Maintenance Practices
  • Change Management
  • Efficiency & Sustainability

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What Others Are Saying

John’s ability to assess the overall customer needs and provide a cost effective and reliable FM program that is modeled to the client’s needs is outstanding.”  – Bill Berryman, Intel

John has an excellent and thorough combination of knowledge and experience in critical environments that lends value to any organization.” – Mark Howe, Dell

tremendous knowledge and experience with facility engineering and maintenance, critical environments such as data center” – Mark Guymon, Amazon

“…his interactions with customers, team members and peers is excellent. I highly recommend John for consideration for Data Center Management” – Phil Vandebrake, Apple