Emergency Response Management & Preparedness

emergency toolboxAs the facility industry moves from a cost-driven, reactive, firefighting mindset to a strategic, proactive one, facility managers must be more deliberate in identifying and mitigating risks.  One of our primary objectives is to provide safe, productive work environments that protect customers, employees, physical assets, the environment, and market image.

Unfortunately, emergency preparedness is one of the most common deficiencies in a facility management program, leaving organizations vulnerable and facility department’s flying by the seat of their pants…

FM360 can help you and your team bolster their readiness by assessing and developing your Emergency Response Management & Preparedness Program.  Assessment and program development include:

  • Understanding the organization’s financial drivers and strategic objectives
  • Review existing overarching business continuity & disaster recovery plans
  • Identify criticalities and incorporate them to prioritize response
  • Assess system design, condition, and maintenance practices
  • Develop Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs) for various scenarios
  • Implement incident management process and analysis
  • Assist with drills and lessons learned reviews
  • Staff training & development

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View free Emergency Preparedness webinar that FM360 did for IFMA’s FMCC.