Assessments and forecasting

FM360 can assist with Facility Condition Assessments and Capital Forecasting.

Facility Condition Assessments

  • Conduct on-site assessment of facility systems and equipment to discern age, condition, and performance
  • Review “as-built” drawings and documentation and evaluate reliability of information, leveraging input from contractors/consultants
  • Examine and report the degree to which the facility’s existing condition meets the primary purpose of the facility, and where deficiencies exist
  • Identify materials, assets, infrastructure and other components of the facility that are out of synch with preventive maintenance or need to be replaced within the near future
  • Affix barcodes, if desired, and incorporate into CMMS/IWMS
  • Enter or import FCA data into CMMS/IWMS for on-going management and reporting

Capital Replacement Forecasting

  • Leveraging the results of a comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment (FCA), FM360 develops a list of necessary and/or desired projects ordered by priority
  • Using industry data, we assemble estimated costs and replacement date for each asset
  • Gauge the administration’s inclination to adopt recommended maintenance plans
  • Develop a Capital Replacement Program
  • Advise on funding avenues and a resource allocation plan to address items discovered in FCA
  • Assist with the development and “selling” of business cases to the facility’s financial decision-makers
  • Manage facility’s capital pipeline in CMMS/IWMS