CMMS Consulting Services

FM360 has extensive experience with selecting, implementing, optimizing, and managing Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and the like (e.g. CAFM, IWMS, etc.). FM360 can leverage their expertise to assist you and your organization with the following:
  • Getting more out of your existing CMMS
  • Evaluating and improving processes & workflows
  • Selecting and implementing a CMMS
  • Data Editing and Entry
  • On-Site Data Collection
  • Asset Tagging
  • On-Going Administration & Support
  • CMMS-as-a-Service

FM360’s typical approach is as follows:

  • Determine an organization’s vision/mission/goals and overall strategic plan
  • Identify stakeholders, including those outside the Facility Department
  • Map current workflow processes; look for opportunities to optimize leveraging a CMMS
  • Assemble user requirements and evaluation criteria
  • Identify potential software providers and request proposals
  • Evaluate proposals and conduct “test fit” interviews
  • Develop implementation/optimization plan, including budget and schedule
  • Provide support with data upload and entry, as needed
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), such as nomenclature and workflow processes
  • Train staff and stakeholders
  • Assist with implementation and roll-out
  • Monitor performance and fine-tune, as necessary
  • Provide continued support to ensure value of CMMS is realized
Given today’s cloud-based systems much of this support can be provided remotely, thus reducing cost to clients and expediting the schedule. FM360 provides system setup and on-going support services at a relatively low cost, such as:
  • Asset & location data scrubbing, entry, and importing
  • Remote system administration
  • Update and maintain asset data, preventive maintenance schedules, process workflows, etc.