Emergency Operating Procedure (EOP) Template

The EOP template provides a simple and concise way to document and communicate any maintenance or emergency operating procedure.

I recommend providing the tasks step-by-step without assumptions.  When finished, you should be able to hand the procedure to any of your staff or co-workers and they should be able to follow-it, even with no training or familiarity with the system or building.

The Expected Outcomes column is used to identify any indicators, annunciators, etc.  We do not want the user to be surprised.  The expected outcomes can also identify when something does not according to plan and thus may indicate a different problem; which may require the user the back-out of the procedure.

The procedures should reviewed and updated as-needed at least annually.  Additionally, they act as great training tools for new staff and refreshers for existing.

(Moved template to FM360’s Online Portal, which is available to FM360’s Road Warrior and Fast Track Program members.)

I also encourage you to check out our webinar Five Simple Steps to Implement an Emergency Response Management Program.

Template provided by John Rimer, CFM of FM360 Consulting and FacilityU.


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