Setting a Vision for Success in Facility Management

bld_nov205as published in the November edition of Buildings Maintenance & Management magazine

Proverbs states that “without vision, the people perish”, which essentially means that the people wander aimlessly without any clear direction and are left to their own demise.  Or to quote from another wise sage, Tobi Keith (for those country music fans) – “if you don’t know where you’re going, you just might end up somewhere else.”  While these two references come from two completely different perspectives, they both clearly identify the need for a vision and the detriment of not having one – which is where many organizations find themselves today.

Now the thought of a facility department vision may seem peculiar for some.  However, as you will see in this and future articles, a vision is essential for gaining team buy-in, marketing the facility department, and communicating the value of facilities at all levels.  So if the thought of this is too outside the box, then I encourage you to hang on for this wild ride – I promise it will be worth it, if you try implementing some of the espoused principles.  Click here to read more…

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