Electrical Systems: Don’t Get Burned

ifma fmj march-april-banner_logoAs published in the March/April 2017 edition of IFMA’s FMJ

With the progressively more complicated and interdependent facility systems, the importance of maintenance continues to increase, as does the strain upon staff and contractors to complete such.  There are regulatory requirements to inspect and test exit signs, fire suppression & detection systems, elevators, etc.  Mechanical systems have their prescribed filter & belt changes, inspections, cleanings, and the more in-depth semi-annual and annual preventive measures.  So many demands clamoring for the facility department’s attention.  While mechanical systems typically spring into the limelight with their whiz-bang pageantry, whirring moving parts, and melodic noises, we cannot forget to grant due attention to the electrical systems – the sleeping giant, lumbering in the corner, powering all of these shiny, prominent fixtures at the flick of a switch.

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