Make It Click – It’s Time to Catch Up with Technology

FMJ Cover Nov-Dec 2017As found in the November/December 2017 issue of IFMA’s Facility Management Journal (FMJ).

The facility management industry has grown by leaps and bounds the past few decades; the most significant being the advance of technology in the built environment.  One’s inner geek cannot help but get excited when considering the capabilities available at our fingertips in today’s facilities.  Expand that purview to include the latest in web-based management systems, building automation, wireless monitoring, and 3-D modeling, and this explosion is all the more exhilarating.  However, that mood is quickly dashed with the realization that while such power and efficiency lie at our doorstep, most facility organizations have yet to truly embrace or leverage them.  The FM struggles that have existed for decades, encumber us still today; it is as though we are stuck in a time warp, while technology has blazed light years ahead.  As one that is very passionate about this industry and the great people that work in it, I charge that it is incumbent upon us to grab hold of these tools and wield them to deliver value to our organizations, mature our respective facility programs, and grow the profession.  In this article, we will highlight some of these technological advances and how they could be put to work for the betterment of our FM programs. [Click Here to Read More]

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