Getting an A-Grade at the C-Level

C-level tablefacility-management-consulting-consultant-cmms-facilities-training-education-ifma-fm360-rimerThe most prominent struggle for facility organizations is soliciting the resources needed to advance the FM program and to improve aging buildings.  To assist with this endeavor, FM360 created the pneumonic “C-SUITE” to help facility managers sell their value and to earn an A-Grade at the C-Level.

C – Collect Data

The first step in promoting the facility department is to assemble the necessary data upon which the case can be built.  Unfortunately, facility programs are often light on metrics; with the shortage of firm numbers, FMs are remanded to rely on their guts and not hard facts.  This leaves them little to stand on in front of their math-minded bean counters.  Thus, some homework is required upfront to gather general financials for the organization, such as the following.

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