No More Firefighting! How to Implement a Robust Maintenance Program

firefighterIn our daily reactive firefighting, it is easy to get lost in the smoke.  We don’t realize how much of our time is spent spinning our wheels and the negative impact it has on our staff, our reputation, and the bottom line.  It is imperative that we take a step back and pull ourselves out of the weeds long enough to put together a strategic plan for our facilities program – part of which is implementing a robust maintenance program.

Surveys have found that more than half of facility departments are at least 50% reactive.  Other studies have shown that reactive maintenance costs five to eight times more than scheduled maintenance.  IFMA reported that a robust maintenance program can cut operating cost in half.  Likely, many of us can attest to the costs of firefighting and the impact to productivity (see Rule of 100/10/1).

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