Fast Track Program

Whether you are starting off in the facility industry, preparing for that next position, or desiring to take your program to the next level, FM360’s Fast Track program can help you by providing coaching & consulting via telephone, video conference, and on-site visits.

FM360’s Fast Track Program Approach:Compass 1

  • Setting a Course – begin with an online meeting to learn more about each other, determine goals, discuss your current situation & obstacles, then confirm that you want to join the Fast Track program.
  • Layout a Roadmap – based on the initial conversation, FM360 will recommend a course of action that may be comprised of FM360 Online’s courses, articles, and resources – which are included as part of the Fast Track program.
  • Start the Journey – Embarking down this path will require some homework as prescribed in the Roadmap to further your knowledge.  This will indeed be “you get as much out as you put in” – but I will try to make it as painless as possible…
  • Monthly Trip Checks – We have monthly, 20-minute online meetings/phone calls to discuss your progress and success in applying what you have learned and correcting course as necessary.  The intent of these Trip Checks is to provide accountability and encouragement as you travel the Fast Track.

Cost and Value of the Fast Track Program:

  • In addition to the one-on-one monthly coaching, you will have access to all of FM360 Online’s live & recorded webinars, educational articles, and resources, such as templates and examples.
  • The commitment is monthly for as long as you wish to stay in the program
  • Monthly fee of $99 or $1036 for 12 months (paid in advance)

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