Are FMs prepared for the things that go bump in the night?

emergency toolboxAn Emergency Response Management (ERM) Program is one of the most frequent deficiencies found in facility management.  Many have a company business continuity or disaster recovery plan, but most facility organizations do not have an ERM program in place that supports the organization’s plans.

For example, do you know, according to your organization’s business continuity plan, which departments and business functions are most important and need to stay online or be restored first?  In which area do these departments/functions reside?  Which facility systems support them?  Have function and system interdependencies been identified?  How about system deficiencies?  What contingency plans are in-place and how does the facility program support them?

Do you have current Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs) for critical systems & equipment?  Is staff trained on the EOPs?  Are contact list and escalation protocols current?  How often do you hold system/equipment failure drills?

We will address all of these questions and more in FM360’s upcoming online class, Emergency Preparedness and Response Management Program.

In this online session, we will discuss:

  • What’s an ERM program?
  • Why do you need one?
  • How do you implement an ERM program?

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