Thank you for purchasing the FM101 Series

You will receive a welcome e-mail shortly with log-in instructions to FM360’s Online portal, which will give you access to the following:

  • Recorded FM101 Sessions (for those that had already occurred)
  • PDF versions of session slide decks
  • Resources, such as templates, samples, and presentations
  • FM360 Online’s Discussion Forum

In the meantime, please register for each of the upcoming FM101 Series sessions.  Use discount code “BuildingBlocks” to register for free.

Feel free to contact FM360 if you have any questions or need further information.

Keep in mind that FM360’s FM Leadership Series and Operations & Maintenance Series start this Spring and Summer, respectively.  If either of these are of interest, you may want to consider joining FM360’s Road Warrior Program which will give you:

  • Free registration to all upcoming FM360 educational series
  • All of FM360’s recorded sessions
  • Access to presentations, templates, and other useful resources
  • Ability to participate in FM360 Online’s Road Warrior Discussion Forum

Again, thank you for purchasing the FM101 Series!

John Rimer, CFM

President, FM360