Share Your Facility Fish Stories

We have all seen things in our years that really make us scratch our heads, flip our lids, or roll around laughing.  And, of course, when you get facility folks together, they like to tell their “Facility Fish Stories”.  “You won’t believe what I saw last week…”  “Guess what I found in the ceiling grid?”  And on and on…

Now these these stories not only make us laugh, but they can also be great learning opportunities.  Thus FacilityU wants to provide a forum for us to share our facility-related fish stories with a larger audience, so we can chuckle and learn from each other’s findings.

Using the below form, submit your “Fish Story” picture and a summary of the story behind it, if there is one (some things we find need no explanation and others have none…)  Also please share the lesson learned, if there is one.

I look forward to seeing who can share the biggest fish story!  

***Since many can take pictures with their phone, feel free to submit your FacilityU Fish Stories directly from your phone by e-mailing the photo and text to FishStory(at)***

***Note – you must have the rights to submit the image and please keep your submission “family-friendly”.  Thank you!***

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