“Thank You!” from FM360

Super FM-facility-management-consulting-consultant-cmms-facilities-training-education-ifma-fm360-rimerAs a thank you for all of your hard work in the day-to-day grind of cleaning, maintaining, and/or managing facilities, FM360 invites you to enjoy the below online training sessions for FREE.

Whether you clean toilets, trim bushes, turn wrenches, or wear the other 32 hats that are thrown at facilities, know that what you do makes a big difference in keeping people safe and productive and driving value to the bottom line.  Thank you again!  Keep up the good work!

Please feel free to share these free resources with your fellow facility colleagues!

FREE Online Training Sessions 

Implementing a Robust Maintenance Program – This online class will discuss the value of a robust maintenance program and how to implement one, including what defines a robust program. We will review various maintenance strategies, including definitions, and when & how to apply them.  This class is the second session of FM360’s FM101 Training Series – Building Blocks of a Facility Management Program.

Leveraging a CMMS to Drive Better Business Decisions – A CMMS (CAFM/IWMS) is the nervous system of a facility management program and as such is a valuable tool to the department.  This class will provide a comprehensive overview of how to utilize a CMMS to manage day-to-day operations and drive business decisions.  We will also talk about tips for successfully selecting and implementing a CMMS.  This class is the third session of FM360’s FM101 Training Series – Building Blocks of a Facility Management Program.

Leading the Organization – Setting Vision, Mission, & Goals and Selling the FM Department – The FM Leadership series is a monthly, bite-sized, online set of courses that will focus on managing relationships, marketing the organization, developing teams, and leading the overall facility program.  This first session of the six-part series, explains the value of establishing a clear direction with vision/mission/goals and tips on how to implement.  Additionally, recommendations for marketing and selling facility services and staff are discussed. 

Five Simple Steps to Implement an Emergency Response Management & Preparedness Program – hosted by IFMA’s Facility Management Consultant’s Council

Planning for Success with a Capital Replacement/Reinvestment Program

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