Remote FM Consulting

Mind GamesNew to Facility Management?

Looking to mature your FM program?

Not sure how your program compares?

Trying to grow your career?


Then you might be a good candidate for FM360′s remote consulting program.

Maximize your time and budget with FM360′s various remote consulting options!

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This virtual consultant approach can be successful in implementing & improving many aspects of a FM program.  For example:

  • Overall Program Assessment & Development
  • Vision/Mission/Goal Development
  • CMMS Selection/Implementation/Improvement
  • Program Selling & Marketing
  • Staff Development & Training
  • Capital Reinvestment Planning
  • Business Case Development
  • Maintenance Program Evaluation/Implementation/Improvement
  • Performance Evaluation & Benchmarking
  • Coaching & Mentoring

How does it work?  Based upon the selected consulting option, you would meet with FM360 multiple times per month via teleconference or video conferencing to discuss current issues and goals, plan implementation & progress, and next steps.  Additionally, FM360 would assist with various action items and deliverables to further your program and career.

Additional Benefits include:

  • Discounted rate for both remote & on-site consulting
  • Free training resources*
  • Bite-sized, manageable implementation
  • Easily absorbed into a constrained budget & schedule

FM360′s Remote Consulting Services Options:

  • Silver – 3 hours/month – $525/mo.  
    • Up to two 1-hour calls per month
    • Remote action item support for remaining hours
  • Gold – 6 hours/month – $999/mo.  ($749 during trial offer)
    • Up to three 1-hour calls per month
    • Remote action item/deliverable support for remaining hours
  • Platinum – 10 hours/month – $1599/mo. .
    •  Up to four 1-hour calls per month
    • Remote action item/deliverable support for remaining hours
    • Free training resources for you and staff
    • Bank hours for future on-site consulting
  • Contact FM360 for additional options 

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Consulting Options

*Contact FM360 for further options, including invoicing in lieu of PayPal

What People are Saying!

“John is extremely knowledgeable and would be valuable resource for any facility or organization” – Larry B.

“John’s ability to assess the overall customer needs and provide a cost effective and reliable FM program that is modeled to the client’s needs is outstanding. In my 35+ years of Facility Management I have only met a few FM folks that have the full understanding of how to plan and implement an effective and efficient program like John can!” – Bill B.

“John’s knowledge and professionalism are outstanding.” – Jim D.

“His extensive knowledge of facilities maintenance proved to be an excellent resource…” – George D.

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