The 411 on TeleWorking (Part 2) – How…


My first exposure to an organization fully embracing remote working options was Sun Microsystems in 2001.  Sun Microsystems had just completed a study that revealed on any given business day 25% of their staff was out of the office sick, traveling, or on vacation.  That meant that 25% of their real estate, in the expensive […]

CMMS Implementation Improvement

CMMS Implementation Improvement

FM360 Facility Management Consulting

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FM360’s vision is to be a valuable resource in bettering the facility management community through education, consulting, coaching, and online resources.

John Rimer, CFM – FM360

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John Rimer, CFM is president of FM360, LLC and has 20 years’ facility management experience in a variety of capacities and industries.  He uses his breadth of knowledge and diverse expertise to provide a comprehensive perspective to his clients and students. John has implemented and managed facility programs for companies, such as Intel, Microsoft, JP Morgan […]

Critical Environments Consulting

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Perception is 9/10ths Reality – Managing Customer Expectations and Perception

Mind Games

How much easier would your job be if you could use the Jedi mind trick?  ”You are not cold, the temperature is just right.”  “You enjoy your gray cubicle with dim lighting.”  “You don’t really need that dry erase board hung today.”  Okay, come back to reality…  The truth is you can’t (or at least shouldn’t) […]

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