Facility Management Program Assessment & Development

business compass-facility-management-consulting-consultant-cmms-facilities-training-education-ifma-fm360-rimerFM360 can assess your current FM program to identify strengths & weaknesses and provide a roadmap for improvement.  FM360 will provide as much or as little hands-on support as needed and desired.  In fact, much of the coaching & support can be performed remotely, thus keeping the cost down for clients.  Four key areas are evaluated as these are the primary building blocks of a robust program:

  • Leadership
    • Vision, Mission, and Goals – providing clear direction and cohesion is crucial to a successful program
    • Relationship Management – building and managing relationships up, out, & down are the primary function of a facility management leader
    • Team Development – training and leadership
  • Operations & Maintenance 
    • Maintenance Strategy – determining the right mix maintenance for the portfolio’s various systems
    • CMMS/IWMS/CAFM – a maintenance management system is the nervous system of the facility program and a necessary tool for day-to-day and strategic initiative management (CMMS Consulting Services)
    • Team Effectiveness & Development – a FM program is only as strong as its team and how well that team is used to carry out the corporate mission
  • Planning & Budgeting
    • Capital Replacement Program
    • Developing & Selling Business Cases
    • Managing in CMMS/IWMS/CAFM
  • Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Response
    • Align with and support organizational disaster recovery
    • Identify priorities/criticalities
    • Develop/review Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs)
    • Disaster training & drills

FM360 Approach:

  • Learn about organization, determine goals, identify obstacles, and set direction
  • Perform gap analysis reviewing at least the aforementioned key areas
  • Develop program improvement plan
  • Implement plan; assist as necessary
  • Monitor performance and provide guidance
  • Revise & update plan as necessary

Contact FM360 to discuss options and to determine next steps.