Are facility management credentials worth it?

Super FM-facility-management-consulting-consultant-cmms-facilities-training-education-ifma-fm360-rimerAre you trying to enter or grow your career in the facility industry?  Do you want to gain more respect as a “facility professional”?  Looking to make more money?  Are you just trying to shake the stigma of “glorified janitor”?  If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you will want to read on and attend a free informational webinar regarding IFMA’s FMP and CFM. 

As an avid proponent for education and trainer for IFMA, the BOC, and FM360’s courses, it likely does not surprise you that my answer to “Are facility management credentials worth it?” is an emphatic “Yes!”  However, I implore you to not just take my word for it, but look at industry trends and data; then judge for yourself if you should obtain a facility industry credential.

By the Numbers

79% of organizations prefer or require an IFMA credential when hiring, promoting, or making salary decisions about FM professionals*

CFMs on average earn 25% more than their non-CFM counterparts and tend to occupy higher management positions.*

Over 50% of BOC graduates report increases both in job responsibilities and compensation after receiving the certification.**

Industry Trends

Most of us likely fell or got sucked into facility management – possibly before the term “FM” even existed…  Thanks to advances in our industry, that is changing.

Facility Management is now a career choice that has been legitimized by the 30 plus (and counting…) colleges and universities that offer accredited facility management programs.  Attend an industry event, such as IFMA’s World Workplace, and you will see proof of this by the numerous college/university booths and many young faces perusing the expo floor.

IFMA and other related associations around the world are continuing their work to develop international standards for facility management.

The United States federal government’s passing of the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010 (FBPTA) affirmed the value and need for trained building operators and facility managers in preserving, operating, and managing facility assets.

All of these are examples of how our facility industry is gaining ground and recognition.  It is incumbent upon us, as facility professionals, to keep moving our beloved industry forward.

What Others are Saying

A recent student shared with me that after earning IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager, CFM, he received a promotion and significant pay increase.

I have asked friends and colleagues in the industry that have explored the job market in the past year or so, if they are seeing companies preferring or requiring credentials – they all answered with a resounding “Yes!”

Credentials and training are opening doors for facility professionals and their companies.  I encourage you, for the betterment of yourself, your team, and the facility industry, to pursue credentials and continuing education.

Want to Learn More

Some of IFMA’s chapters are hosting a number of FREE informational webinars, where we will discuss:

  • Why obtain credentials?
  • What credentials are available?
  • How do you earn them?
  • How much do they cost?
  • Plus time for Q&A…

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*IFMA studies (